Frequently Asked Questions

Your favorite FAQ  to help users get the exact information.

What is SchoolsGenics?

SchoolsGenics is an all-in-one school management system, which can be used to manage administrative and academic activities such as online admission management, fees, employees' payroll, examination, grade book, bulk data management, transportation, library, course and batches, student attendance, assignments, communication and much more.

How is SchoolsGenics different from other school management software?

SchoolsGenics is a user-friendly and web-based school management system, that also provides customization and unlimited user license at an affordable price

What kind of software programs do I require to run SchoolsGenics?

To run SchoolsGenics you don't require any software installation. It is an entirely web-based school management system that is designed to simplify your daily school operations.

How much SchoolsGenics cost? Any hidden fees which I should know about it?

Our pricing plan divided into three parts. Go to our pricing page to know more. Apart from that, you will have to pay fees for SMS Intregation.

Can I switch from one package to another after purchase?

Yes, you can upgrade your package anytime you would like to. You can get in touch with your Accounts Manager as and when the upgrade is required.

Can SchoolsGenics ERP software be customized for my Institute?

Yes, You can devlop your own website according to your Institution need

Does SchoolsGenics provide data backup facility?

Yes, SchoolsGenics provides data backup storage facility. Hassle-free customers can easily retrieve their data.

What measures do we take for data security?

Keeping the school data safe and secure is the topmost priority of Fedena. We offer full privacy to school data as per industry standard. The data remain fully encrypted when it has stored in Fedena system.

Will I be bound to any long-term contract?

No, you will not be bound to any long-term contract with Fedena as we charge only on an installment basis for the Academic year. However, once the payment has made, you will not be provided with a refund option.

What happens to the information when the academic year is rolled-over?

All the historical data kept at a centralized place, and none of it's get deleted. All the relevant users have access to their data, even when the academic year is rolled-over.

Can I try SchoolsGenics before buying it?

Definitely, you can try our free trial Plan to get a deeper understanding of all SchoolsGenics features.

Still have any questions?

We are happy to help you. Write us to support@utsu.in or Whatsapp support desk +91-9953930278